Would You Wear Anti-Rape Shorts?

By on Nov 2, 2013 in Femellaneous | 2 comments

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Last week, Role/Reboot published my piece on anti-rape shorts. It’s a new product created by an NY clothing firm that would apparently protect women from being at least penetratively raped. I’m not entirely convinced of its merits. But yet, I can’t help myself thinking about buying a pair.

Anti-rape wear is another example of how women must shoulder the burden of sexual violence and misogyny. This time around, we have a say in whether we wear them, but we are still allowing men—or our fear of them—to indirectly control us.

We don’t need another commercial campaign telling women how to protect ourselves. We already know. I carry pepper spray, always keep a close eye on my drink, and even know a few self-defense moves. Does that keep me safe? Maybe. But these actions don’t do anything to solve the underlying problem: We live in a world where men frequently dehumanize women and think they are entitled to women’s bodies whenever they want.

What we really need to do is teach men not to rape. That’s what Zerlina Maxwell tried to explain on Fox News last spring, if only Sean Hannity had let her get a word in edgewise. And with the rise of more and more shocking sexual violence cases, from Steubenville and Maryville to the Delhi gang rape and murder, it’s a lesson that the entire world desperately needs to hear.

Yet, despite all its faults, I confess the product intrigues me. As a college student, I would have bought these shorts in a heartbeat. A part of me wants to today.

The shorts don’t address the root cause of rape, and I don’t think it’s fair that it’s always the woman who has to restrict her movements to protect herself. I disagree with Emily Yoffe that women need to stop drinking like men to be safe from rape. I think we have every right to party as hard-core as they do without worrying we’re going to be assaulted for it. And we should be able to go out into the world without having to don protective shorts. So why do I still want to buy a pair?

I’ve been brainwashed. I too have been socialized to believe only women can prevent assault. In other words, men can’t be reasoned with, but women sure can.

How did we get to this point? I blame sexist media. It has scared women into submission.

Read the entire piece at Role/Reboot.


  1. fabrizzo

    November 14, 2013

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    Brainwashed u say?I believe its the men who are brainwashed into thinking they need long pants to appear mature.Why must we wear long pants at all,when the weather is hot?why is kit that no kind of shorts is acceptable wear for men in the office,yet women are allowed in in tanktops and miniskirts?You tell me.why must men be restricted to such constricting wear while women can let loose and enjoy their fashionshow?
    In japanese anime,this is exemplified even more.Every single anime girl is portrayed dressed at least somewhat revealing,while boys are made to be all clothed up.why must the boys cover every inch of their skin,and still get half the respect the girls get?In most anime,the girls are kin power and the boys seem at their mercy.The worst of it being a show called familiar of zero.The girl robbed the boy from his homeworld,and instead of feeling apologetic,she feels vindictive against him and constantly abuses him,treats himas a slave,whips him and makes him wash her undergarments even.Then when they finally fall in love(i cant get why that could happen even),everytime he gets accousted by another girl/woman she gets jealous and uses her magic to fry him with lightning or kick his balls.he has not only NEVER retaliated but saved her life time n again,only to be abused all over.Worst is that almost all the female characters in the show are promiscous,and would lietrally throw themselves at him,and the show makes it appear like its his fault he cant be gentlemanly towards them n refuse them at the same time so as not to anger the female lead.Do u feminists condone this dehumanising of men into a status lower tha nb that of an animal?Many other comics also depict boys indulging in lewd acts which does not hurt the female but instead allows the female chars an excuse to beat the crap out of the males,despite the fact that it is they who purposely refuse to protect themselves from being seen in a compromising state.and when the table are turned,aka the boys are seen naked,the girls also act the victim n throw stuff at the boys.So hooray for fems is it,that no matter what the girls can blame n hurt the boys as if its their right?I’m so sick of this bullshit;i love anime art but hate these depictions,if feminists were true to their cause they’d educate animators not to be so stereotyping and discriminating.
    In the movie 17 again,u’d see the daughter is a flirtatious bitch and goes to bed with every boy she fancies,even her dad made young.Then when she doesnt like what she sees,she gets her equally bkitchy friends to slap her target,in this case her own dad.talk about unfilial on top of barbaric.The fact is its the lead’s son who is the victim of bullying,his daughter is instead the one empowering the bully by dating n flirting with him.What if in the story we see a son n his brohams slap his mother turned 17?I believe the fems wont keep quiet about it!what have u to say to that?
    ok,on to In pursuit of happyness.In this movie the lead was instantly abandoned by his wife when his business investments failed n bankrupted him.He brings his son to a shelter,but what did they do but refuse him entry just because he’s a man.what do they think he’d do,rape the women,when he’s already had his hands full feeding his child n himself?Does every fem think of a man as a potential rapists,even when the majority of men themselves actually help the women in condemninbg the rapists and bringing them to justice?is this how the women repay the men?
    In “meet the parents,little fockers’,we see gaylord focker being ‘raped’ by a female co-worker when she gets drunk n throws herself at him and even into a pit.somehow the whole thing is being trivialised.I sure hope that doesnt happen in reality,that a woman doenst get held responsible for what she has done while on a drunk rampage.

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