Muslim Women in Sports: Qataris Are Storming the Field

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The Hajj pilgrimage and Eid break are over, but I’m still continuing my blogging theme on impressive Muslim Arab women. And today I’m focusing on Qatari women in sports.

In 2012, Qatar sent four women to the the London Summer Olympics. Those were swimmer Nada Mohamed Wafa, sprinter Noor Hussain Al-Malki and Bahiya Al-Hamad and Aya Majdi in rifle shooting and table tennis, respectively. They may not have placed in their competitions, but this was still a historical moment. It was the first time Qatar had ever sent women to the sporting event, and Bahiya even got to carry the Qatari flag for the opening procession.

But Qatar has been doing a lot more to promote sports for women than just sending women to the Olympics every four years. Research projects on local women in sports and how to promote greater physical activity among Qatari women have even been funded by the Qatar National Research Fund. And the country also has its own national women’s basketball, soccer and handball teams, among others.

For their multimedia journalism midterm projects, my students had to create nat-sound audio slideshows and three of the teams focused on Qatari female athletes. Take a look at these fantastic slideshows below and learn about these remarkable women’s stories.

Nada Mohamed Wafa: Olympic Swimmer

By Nayla Al Thani and Ruba Shaath


Bahiya Al-Hamad: Olympic Rifle Shooter

By Noor Khalifa Al Tamimi and Ralph Martins


Nada Zeidan: Archer and Qatar’s First Woman Race Car Driver

By Sara Al-Thani and Malak Monir


Main image by Nayla Al Thani and Ruba Shaath.


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