Boycott Disney’s Film “Frozen”

By on Oct 9, 2013 in Gender in the Media | 13 comments

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A must read from The Feminist Fangirl blog. Apparently Disney is animating the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, The Snow Queen. The original story features a multitude of female characters and heroines – in fact, they outnumber the men (a rarity in most genres of literature, let alone 19th century fairytales). The main character is a girl named Gerda who has to save her best friend Kai (a boy) from the villainous Snow Queen. She gets help from a slew of other strong and capable of women and anthropomorphic feminine creatures along the way.

So what we have here is a thrilling action-packed story that displays active female agency. As Feminist Fangirl notes, this is probably the only Anderson tale that is not actively misogynistic. It’s even, dare we say, kind of feminist! A boy has to be rescued by a girl! How often do we get to see that?

But guess what Disney has decided to do instead:

So you can imagine that I was profoundly disappointed when I heard that Disney’s adaptation, now called Frozen (a Tangled-reminiscent decision that stinks of avoiding the need to market a film with a female centered title), had cut out every single one of these female characters save for Gerda, now called Anna, and the Snow Queen, who is now Anna’s sister. The women have been replaced with a cast of men, and Anna is now accompanied on her journey by a “Mountain Man” named Kristoff (edit: a helpful anon informed me that his name is not Hans, as I originally stated. Hans is in fact another male character and may be a factor in a possible love triangle for Anna). Kristoff is obviously intended to serve as romantic interest for the now aged up Anna, who as Gerda in the original, felt a love for her friend Kai that was strictly platonic. (Kai, by the way, has been dropped altogether.)

Seriously, Disney? Does no one in corporate entertainment bother to listen to what female viewers want?!

Read the whole piece here. And take a stand: boycott this crappy film!

Update: Want to feel even more aggravated? Read this post from Reel Girl: Animator of “Frozen” says female characters must be pretty and sensitive.

You can also read the Feminist Fangirl’s Q&A about The Snow Queen and Frozen here.


  1. SC

    November 1, 2013

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    This is all very funny to me, because you all have zero idea what the movie is even about. I’ve seen it, and it is so empowering to women, and it’s really a shame that you all are going to miss out on such a wonderful story that teaches young women some really important messages in a fun and exciting way. Including more male characters was done in an effort to attract boys to see the film, not out of some misogynistic agenda. It was purely a marketing strategy, and honestly, Kristoff is a great character. And I’m very familiar with the Andersen tale, and the “wonderful female characters” that Disney cut, really aren’t so wonderful – we can do without another female villain or a “robber girl”, as the original story contained.

    See the movie and do your research, THEN pass judgement about the film.

    • Christina Paschyn

      November 26, 2013

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      I think you need to read the Reel Girl blog to learn more about how Disney and Hollywood systematically marginalize female characters: And I would love to see more female villains in cartoons. Frankly, there aren’t enough of them. All we get are damsels in distress instead.

  2. Domanick Faulkner

    December 11, 2013

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    ON the contrary,disney has;while not QUITE knocking it out of the park still hit a home run with this one. The male characters don’t save the day. As a matter of fact,they hardly do anything,Anna is the hero in the end. Im a dude,im biased because I live Disney,but youre biased too. So you cant pull that excuse. The “handsome prince” Hans; SPOILERS. Is the villain. Kristoff “while the love interest,isnt a big hero who has to save her,in fact,she saves his ass constantly. She saves elsa,as the act of true love. and Elsa is the replacement for kai,with a “frozen heart” which is thawed by anna. Go see it before you tell everyone else to boycott it.

    • Christina Paschyn

      January 4, 2014

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      I’m glad the film turned out better than expected. I haven’t seen it yet so can’t comment on that. Nevertheless, I still think it was unnecessary of Disney to erase the plethora of female characters that were present in the original version of the story just to make the film supposedly more interesting for boys. That was the whole point of this blog post and what The Feminist Fangirl was arguing as well.

  3. Lul

    December 31, 2013

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    Wow you guys Frozen just surpassed 500M at the box office and has received widespread critical acclaim, so well done with he whole boycott thing *claps 4 u*.

  4. Julia

    January 21, 2014

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    As a complete feminist, I applaud you guys for fighting for the cause. However, fighting against Frozen is essentially fighting against the cause. The movie is completely feminist. Elsa, the “Snow Queen” is not a villain, she’s a strong, passionate woman who loves her sister enough to isolate herself to protect her. She’s got major anxiety and is no way at all perfect, she’s normaland in the end her and her sister save each other. I repeat, the two FEMALE protagonists save each other. No men involved. The men of the story are Kristoff and Hans. Hans who is everything Disney traditionally puts in a male, heroic, handsome, charming, romantic, funny, nice, almost perfect. In the end though *spoilers* he’s the villain. He tries to kill Anna and Elsa. The other male is Kristoff who is a SUPPORTING CHARACTER. He takes the backseat to Anna and Elsa, and he’s arrogant, selfish and vain but he changes and yes he falls in love with Anna but he doesn’t save her. He doesn’t even have a hand in the climax. He understands her strength and independence and loves her for it but lets her handle it. The point is, we should be encouraging movies like this so we can get more movies with these messages, not moving against them. Please see the movie before you judge

  5. phil

    January 21, 2014

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    Frozen was an actual twist in regards to sexism and Disney

    the women played the lead role, we were lead to believe it was only through the men that they would succeed, but in the end it was the love of family and of a sisters bond that saved them. no man at all did this,

    and for goodness sake, it was a queen on the throne not a man, how can this be any less femanist, just because she chooses to wear a dress, that is stunning to be fair, besides i would not really want to see her in jean’s and shirt, elegance no ruggedness especially for royalty 🙂

    i was impressed with it very much 🙂

  6. Spike

    March 18, 2014

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    This is a very sexist movie. It is positively misandric. The men are portrayed as stupid, weak or evil or a variation thereof. Whereas, the women are portrayed as strong, compassionate, intelligent and complex. It’s disgusting that young boys will see this and be influenced in such a way. Also, this is yet another movie which deems violence by females against males as humorous. It’s a terrible movie, it’s a shame there isn’t an outcry against it.


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